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LifeBrite Laboratories Helps Doctors, Physicians Learn More About Patient’s Unique Needs

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The Hippocratic Oath states, in part, that physicians have a sworn duty to treat “a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability.” This is accomplished by medical professionals across the globe through a commitment to the cause and knowledge gleaned from fellow experts. The latter example is what LifeBrite Laboratories has become known for, as this clinical reference lab can deliver data that helps steer treatment methods. The data about patients is typically gleaned through molecular pathology testing, blood chemistry testing and urine and oral fluid toxicology testing. These indispensable services offered by LifeBrite Laboratories are one of the reasons why the Atlanta, Georgia-based facility was twice voted “best medical laboratory” in the city.


At the heart of LifeBrite Laboratories’ mission is narrowing medical maladies via blood, urine or oral fluid testing. The information that’s revealed by prompt testing at LifeBrite, which is then relayed back to doctors and physicians in 24 to 48 hours, can be crucial. Is the patient’s condition improving or getting worse? Will this person’s genetic profile require a specialized treatment plan? Is prescribed medication showing up in tests in the correct concentrations – thus demonstrating appropriate and regular use? At LifeBrite Laboratories, medical professionals interact with staff who are professional, knowledgeable and able to adapt to current and emerging needs. These are just a few of the reasons LifeBrite has become the go-to for clinical laboratory testing. It’s also why the lab has been recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as part of the publication’s “Pacesetter” awards in 2018. COLA also bestowed the “laboratory excellence award” upon LifeBrite Laboratories in 2015, depicting the fact that LifeBrite has been exuding a level of excellence since its inception.


No doctor wants to learn too late that there was a way to help a patient, if only they had the proper information at their disposal. This is what LifeBrite Laboratories helps medical professionals accomplish. The next time your office or company requires laboratory testing, think of the services that LifeBrite Laboratories offers.

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