LifeBrite LaboratoriesLife is full of unknowns; why not harness medical technology to address those questions and answer what we can? That’s the objective of LifeBrite Laboratories and those who have worked with this Georgia-based clinical reference laboratory know all about how it helps clients obtain quick and accurate results. Whether you need oral fluid toxicology testing, blood chemistries testing or molecular pathology testing, LifeBrite Laboratories is standing by to help. The sheer breadth of services that this operation offers is just one of the reasons why it was named the “Best Medical Laboratory in Atlanta” in both 2016 and 2017. Healthcare providers who require a quick turn-around time on accurate, easy to read reports will undoubtedly benefit from the services offered by LifeBrite Laboratories.

At the heart of every business is its employees and LifeBrite Laboratories is no exception. The staff at this facility promises a great customer experience thanks to their keen ability to anticipate client needs. Such skills are one of the reasons why LifeBrite Laboratories can offer 24-48 hour turn around time. Overall, testing incorporates possible medication misuse, substance abuse, management of pain, medication compliance and workers’ compensation cases. When it comes to medication compliance, LifeBrite can help medical professionals keep tabs on their patient’s behavior.  According to the New England Journal of Medicine, almost “half of patients with chronic diseases don’t take their medication as prescribed.” How can you tell if the medication is working if it isn’t being given the opportunity to do its job?

For medical professionals who need to order laboratory testing to determine a patient’s condition, LifeBrite Laboratories can help. Whether you’re testing for alcohol, amphetamines or synthetic cannabinoids, the cutoff levels will allow you to detect traces or massive quantities. Additional services from this Atlanta, Georgia-based operation can even address the possibility of inherited cancer predisposition. The promise that this premier clinical reference laboratory makes to its customers is to deliver superior services and exceed expectations. The way this is done on a daily basis at LifeBrite is through offering services that few other laboratories with a nationwide footprint can compete with.